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A Look Back on the Polar Vortex

Current weather in the United States has seen drastic change within the span of this past week. An unprecedented polar vortex earlier this week left states throughout the midwest and northeast crippled by frigid air temperatures, some dipping into the negative 40s and 50s. Now as we approach midweek, these same areas of the United States are experiencing air temperatures in the 50s and 60s– a 100 degree difference in just a few short days. These drastic fluctuations in temperature are not normal.

Although Trump might argue otherwise, these extreme changes in weather are a result of anthropogenically induced climate change. Ordinarily, the jet stream maintains a relatively stable rate across the globe and the polar vortex remains above the North Pole. However, climate change and the rapid warming of the arctic is causing ‘kinks’ in the jet stream and triggering the polar vortex to move further south. These kinks are changing the weather patterns throughout the globe, causing certain areas to become uncharacteristically warm and others to become unbearably cold, as was the case for many areas in the midwest this past week. With these temperature oscillations only predicted to become more common, the time to act on climate change starts now and it starts with you.

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