Customer Advocacy Board

What is a Customer Advocacy Board?

A CAB is a group of proactive, passionate customers who want to help a company or cause they care about. They work together with their company to help in a variety of ways. This includes

  • Being consulted by the company on decisions that will affect the customers
  • Bring concerns to the company that they or the customers they represent have
  • Field test ideas the company may have, to measure impact and reception
  • Brainstorm new solutions for any problems the company is having

Who is on the board?

These members are volunteers, customers who have stepped up and chosen to represent their neighbors. Their dedication and energy will continue to help our company grow in the direction that you, our customers, want us to grow



  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith White Marsh member
  • Rebeccah Ebaugh
    Rebeccah Ebaugh Dogwood member
  • Sarah Elder
    Sarah Elder Panorama member
  • Andy White
    Andy White Dogwood member

    Andy has been trying to walk the renewable…READ MORE

  • Kristin Cook
    Kristin Cook Panorama member
  • Hugh Pocock
    Hugh Pocock Dogwood member

    Born in New Zealand and raised in the United States…READ MORE

  • Dwight Shank
    Dwight Shank Panorama member

    Dwight has been a clean energy advocate since…READ MORE

  • Erika D. Law
    Erika D. Law White Marsh member

What does the board do?

For our board specifically, we would have regular in-person meetings where we can give formal updates to the board and hear from the board any thoughts or questions they may have. We may occasionally reach out via email to ask questions or run thoughts past you. Since our goal is to have a board with a variety of backgrounds and strengths, we may reach out to the board with requests that play specifically to those strengths. They also can help in being a contact person for the rest of the customer base. See below for details

If you are a customer with Whitemarsh, you can reach out to Erica or Gregory at [email protected]

If you are signed up at Panorama, Andy, Sara, and Kristin are available to assist at [email protected]

Our Customers with Dogwood can get aide by reaching out to Andy, Rebecca, or Hugh with [email protected]

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