Our community solar credits are priced as the sum cost of a kWh. That’s a little different than how your utility presents their Standard Offer Service. Here’s a breakdown of how to compare rates and why Neighborhood Sun might appear higher than your utility (spoiler: our rate is 5% below your utility’s full price of a kWh.)
*based onĀ Standard residential service rates

It may look like your utility only charges you $0.07 or $0.08 per kWh, but that price does not include distribution or taxes.

In the example bill below, the customer uses 529 kWh. The total charge is $67.04

As you can see, your 529 kWh are multiplied by a number of charges to calculate the delivery cost of $25.11.

ThatĀ $25.11 delivery charge is then added to the cost of electric supply (where your utility quotes a Standard Offer Service of $0.079/kWh.) The cost of electric supply comes to $41.93. That brings your total electric charge to $67.04.

Take your total electric charge and subtract your Customer Service Charge (that’s the only charge not included in our pricing.) Our rate includes distribution and taxes.

$67.04$7.60 = $59.44

Divide by the number of kWh used to calculate the sum price per kWh. That will give you the rate to compare to ours.

$59.44 / 529 kwh = $0.1124/kWh

Questions? Feel free to reach out to [email protected] to help calculate your rate.

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