Neighborhood Sun Announces Creation of First Ever Customer Advocacy Board

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For Immediate Release May 30, 2019

Neighborhood Sun Announces Creation of First Ever Customer Advocacy Board

(Baltimore, MD) Neighborhood Sun, a Maryland B Corporation, has announced the formation of a new board to act as advocates for the company’s customers. The Customer Advocacy Board (CAB) currently has 7 members, but will consist of up to 10 customers. They are volunteers from multiple solar projects across the Pepco and BG&E service areas.

“We want to treat all our stakeholders as true partners,” said Gary Skulnik, CEO and founder of Neighborhood Sun. “That means giving our customers as much of a voice in our business as possible, since they have a stake in the business as well. Our success, and our ability to help the planet is only possible with the help of our customers.”

The formation of the CAB represents a business innovation that will customers an unprecedented level of access within a company. Members of the CAB will meet with company management, help plan strategy, and act as a sounding board for customers. The action is part of the company’s B Corp ethos, which promotes using business as a force for good, not just profit. Other B Corp’s are Ben and Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Kickstarter.

“Impactful change is only possible when everyone, clients and corporations, come to the table and chart a socially responsible path. An authentic and responsive advisory board is critical in advancing Neighborhood Sun’s alternative business model and mission,” said Rebecca Ebaugh, C. A. Board Member

The goal of any CAB is to let the customers have a voice in the company. For Neighborhood Sun, their board will be encouraged to speak critically to ensure continued excellence, and help give a perspective that those within the business may not think of. The hope is that they will be true representatives, with a requirement that each of the company’s regions and founding projects should have board members.

For more information on Neighborhood Sun’s CAB, go to https://neighborhoodsun.solar/cab/
To learn about B Corporations, visit https://bcorporation.net/
Gary Skulnik’s blog on the CAB https://neighborhoodsun.solar/why-were-creating-a-customer-advocacy-board/

If you want to see who is representing your utility company region, the https://neighborhoodsun.solar/meet-the-team/ will have an update soon

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