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Do I have to pay an upfront fee to sign up?

No! You only pay for the energy after you get it.

Is Community solar the same as rooftop solar?

Community solar is NOT the same as rooftop solar. While rooftop solar requires that you install solar panels and equipment on your roof, community solar requires no installation, extra land, or repairs and maintenance. Community solar projects generate clean energy offsite that feeds into the pre-existing utility grid. The electricity produced can then be shared with customers in the community.

Is your quoted price really less expensive than what my utility charges?

Yes – we promise! Typically, the price listed by the utility includes only the supply charge per kilowatt hour and does not include any of the distribution services. Our price for solar offsets both the supply and distribution charges. Additionally, our price discount is based on the actual utility price; prices can be higher or lower depending on the season. Your price will always be at least 5% below the utility so you can go green without breaking the bank!

How does billing and utility crediting work?

When we start generating solar power, it will appear on your utility bill as “PM Synergen 01” or something similar. This line item will offset your energy bill. You still pay your utility company, but the payment will be whatever is left after we help out

We bill you the following month, on the fifth of the month (or the nearest Friday if the 5th is a weekend). Our invoice, which we will email on the first of the month, will give the breakdown on how much we covered, how much we will charge (which will always be less than the amount we covered) and how much you saved because of it

Find more information on our Billing 101 page.

How is Neighborhood Sun different from other companies that offer community solar?

In brief, we are a local small business that cares deeply about the well being of our state, and work hard to provide a personal relationship with our customers. You guys are literally our neighbors, and we want to help you save money and go green. To see details related to our ties to the community, check out our ‘Meet the Team’ page!

What does it mean to become a Neighborhood Sun member?

When you sign-up for solar through Neighborhood Sun, you are doing more than supporting local clean energy. You are becoming a member of a group that helps bring solar access to all, and that strengthens local communities in a variety of ways. There is no cost to membership – it’s free for all subscribers. But being a member is more than a title. First and foremost, we are your local champion protecting your rights. We are the first and hopefully only call you need to make if there are ever any issues with your account or other problems that need resolution. Our single most important goal is 100%-member satisfaction. We’ll stand up for your rights. To us, you’re not just a customer, but a valued member of our community. Click here to learn about the many benefits of Neighborhood Sun membership.

How do I contribute to the low-income community if I purchase community solar through Neighborhood Sun?

Our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund is one of the (many) ways we work to support our community. We contribute money to this fund so low- and moderate-income residents can receive the benefits of community solar. As more people become community solar customers and join our membership, we can contribute more money to the Fund!

Is there a cancellation fee?

Not in most cases. All of our projects have slightly different terms, but they all have ways to cancel with no fees. Ask us about the details to find out more

Why does the contract say your rate doesn’t include taxes, distribution?

The contract states “The price set forth above does not include… utility fee[s] or charge[s]…”
Not because we have secret costs, but because utility fees don’t apply to our product! We’re not your new utility, we simply help cover your utility!

Is Neighborhood Sun compatible with CleanChoice, WGL, or other wind/green energy suppliers?

Yes- We are compatible! Your bill will still be calculated like it always has been. The supply charges are still handled by your third party supplier and your distribution fees being charged by your utility company. Our credits appear as a line in the distribution section

Have your community solar projects already been built?

Some, yes! As of September 2019, two solar projects are completed and operational, one is in the final stage of inspection, and the last project is expected to be done in first quarter 2020. You don’t have to delay in signing up, though – you can subscribe now. You will not be billed for anything until the project you signed up for is up and running!

If nothing is installed on my property, how am I actually contributing to fighting climate change?

Each community solar project provides electricity to the existing grid, so your utility will need to buy less “dirty” electricity from dirty sources. As we develop more and more solar projects, our subscribers help “clean up” the grid.

Do I pay based on my estimated usage, or my actual usage?

Neither. You pay based on the energy we generate. When we make more energy, we give more to you. When we make less, we give less. Your piece of the pie is decided at the time of signing and is intended to be most of your energy consumption in a year. We are able to adjust if you are getting too much or too little, just let us know!

Does it work with Budget Billing?

Yes and No. The credits will be generated in your name, but you won’t see them until your utility company examines whether you are over or under. At that point you will receive a check for the balance on your account, including all of the solar credits generated in your name.

My question isn’t answered here!

This is a complicated field and we want to make sure you are as informed as possible. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have a specific question!

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