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Do I have to pay an upfront fee to sign up?

We don’t charge any upfront fees – your contract is only for the community solar power you are assigned.

If nothing is installed on my property, how am I actually contributing to fighting climate change?

Each community solar project provides electricity to the existing grid, so your utility will need to buy less “dirty” electricity from dirty sources. As we develop more and more solar projects, our subscribers help “clean up” the grid.

Do I have to install solar panels or equipment on my property?

No! The solar panels that are generating your energy will be located off site so that nothing needs to be installed on your home. The solar energy generated is put on the existing grid and you keep receiving electricity from your regular utility.

How is community solar different from traditional solar?

Community solar projects generate clean energy offsite that feeds into the pre-existing utility grid. The electricity produced can then be shared with customers like you in the community without requiring any installations on your home. Each month, you simply receive credit for your share of the project on your utility bill. With traditional rooftop solar, panels are installed on your roof.

Is community solar more expensive than what I’m paying now for electricity?

No, all of our offers are priced at a discount to the current utility rate. Our rates are locked in for the length of your contract, so you don’t have to worry about volatile utility prices. Because we don’t know what future utility rates will be, we can’t guarantee continued savings for the length of the contract. However, we’ve priced our community solar to be competitive with the utility – so you can go green without breaking the bank.

How does billing and utility crediting work?

You’ll be auto-debited on a monthly basis for your solar credits through Neighborhood Sun. You will receive a utility bill as you usually do, but it will now include credit from the community solar project you signed up for, along with any outstanding payments you still owe the utility. For example, in a given month your solar block might generate less energy than you consume. In that case, the utility will bill you for the remainder. In another month, you might consume less than your solar block generated. In that case, the “solar credits” will roll over to the next month.

How is Neighborhood Sun different from other companies that offer community solar?

We’re so glad you asked! We are different in a bunch of ways. First of all, we are your local champion, protecting your rights as a customer. We are the first, and hopefully only, call you need to make if there are ever any issues with your account or other problems that need resolution. To us, you’re not just a customer, but a valued member of our community. Second, our mission is to include everyone in solar, so we support low-income members of our community every time you purchase from us. This means that when you choose Neighborhood Sun, you not only improve our environment, but also improve our community. This is one of the many ways we’re trying to put the “community” back into community solar. Third, we’re local. Really local. We’re based in Maryland, and our CEO has lived here for decades. If you want to keep your dollars local and support one of your neighbors, you can’t get much better than Neighborhood Sun. Finally, we walk the walk. There’s not a single company out there in the community solar space more committed to running our business as a vehicle to change the planet. Our founders have been working to make our corner of the world cleaner and greener for close to two decades.

What does it mean to become a Neighborhood Sun member?

When you sign-up for solar through Neighborhood Sun, you are doing more than supporting local clean energy. You are becoming a member of a group that helps bring solar access to all, and that strengthens our communities in a variety of ways. There is no cost to membership – it’s free for all subscribers. But being a member is more than a title. First and foremost, we are your local champion protecting your rights. We are the first and hopefully only call you need to make if there are ever any issues with your account or other problems that need resolution. Our single most important goal is 100%-member satisfaction. We’ll stand up for your rights. To us, you’re not just a customer, but a valued member of our community. Click here to learn about the many benefits of Neighborhood Sun membership.

How do I contribute to the low-income community if I purchase community solar through Neighborhood Sun?

Our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund is one of the (many) ways we work to support our community. We contribute money to this fund so low- and moderate-income residents can receive the benefits of community solar. Each year, as more people like you become community solar customers and join our membership, we’ll contribute money to the Fund and report where the resources are directed.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, but the terms of the fee depend on which project you sign up with. Be sure to check the summary disclosure carefully for the particular terms of the cancellation fee for the project you are signing up for. Typically, if you move out of the utility territory where the project is and you give us notice, there is no fee.

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