Our goal is to help your community shine.
In addition to increasing environmental justice, economic development and community engagement in our state, we want to highlight neighborhoods doing the most to turn these concepts into real action.

Our shared success in combating climate change relies on you planting a seed of change in your own backyard; that’s why we’re committed to working closely with individual communities to showcase their efforts to improve Maryland.
See below some highlights of our fantastic members doing their part to make the world a brighter place.
By registering yourself and putting your town on the map, you make Maryland shine.


Environmental Protection

hot air balloons filled with CO2 prevented from entering our atmosphere per year

Community Support

local partner organizations that we work with to support your communities

Economic Justice

dollars total that our community solar subscribers will save in their first year

Help Make Maryland Shine with community solar and show your support for our environment, communities, and economy.

The current standings:

See the Marylanders who are already shinin’ up what’s important to them

Did you know a ton of CO2 is about as big as a hot air balloon?

See on our map how much carbon dioxide has been removed from our atmosphere since May of 2018–all thanks to the incredible community solar subscribers in our communities.

(Map may not be available on all browsers. We’re working to get that resolved because it’s a pretty cool map!)

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