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What is community solar?

Community solar is a new program in Maryland created by the state to enable everyone to get access to solar energy, no matter where you live. It allows Marylanders to subscribe to large solar projects in their area and enjoy the benefits of virtual net metering, which is like having solar on your roof without having to install any panels or make any upfront payments. The Public Service Commission regulates the program, including overseeing consumer protection rules and licensing subscriber organizations, such as Neighborhood Sun.

How does Community Solar work for me?

Community solar enables anyone who pays an electricity bill to tap into a local, solar farm installed offsite. Together with hundreds of other residents, you can subscribe to a share of a large solar project and have the same benefits like you had rooftop solar. Your solar energy will be delivered to you through your normal electric utility provider, so there’s no installation on your property or investment/upfront fees to be part of this.

Our projects available to you!

THE PANORAMA LANDFILL PROJECT, located in Fort Washington, is built on a once-used landfill (and includeS pollinator plants). As such, this land cannot be converted into property used for other services such as recreation or housing development. By building a solar project on this landfill, we’re giving new life to this old and forgotten land.

This project already has over 1,200 signups and is one of the first community solar projects online in Maryland! Plus, it is the largest residential community solar project in the United States at 25 acres and more than 19,000 panels. This is an ideal option for homeowners because it includes a guaranteed 5% discount for the duration of the 5-year contract, ensuring you save money every month on your electricity bill.

It is located at the crossroads of Palmer and Tucker Road in Fort Washington, Maryland. It is just a few hundred meters from the Tucker Road Community Center, a popular facility for local residents, young and old alike.

THE OXON HILL ROOFTOP PROJECT is a 558.72 kW project that is located on the rooftop area of an existing self-storage facility located in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It was the first Community Solar energy generating system to receive authorization to operate within Pepco’s Maryland territory, and one of the first large rooftop community solar projects in Maryland.

This project is able to provide roughly 100 households in both Price George’s County and Montgomery County with clean, renewable solar power. In addition, it is the first community solar project in the Pepco Maryland territory that will supply energy to Pepco’s low- and moderate-income (LMI) residents. This project is ideal for renters and condo residents as this contract is paid month-to-month with no penalty for canceling.

All of our projects include these great benefits:

Keep your wind contract

Keep your wind contract

If you have wind power through a retail electric supplier, you can still sign up with us! We’ll cover the majority of your electricity needs and the rest will be covered by your wind contract.

No Installation or buy-in fees

No Installation or buy-in fees

This is not rooftop solar! No solar panels are installed on your roof or property, and there are no buy-in fees to subscribe to community solar.

Contract is portable

Contract is portable

If you move from the territory, you can cancel free and clear. If you move within your currently electric territory and still need power, you can take the contract with you!

Get a glimpse of signup process

  • Select your electric utility

    Fill out the simple form that asks for basic information and electric utility. Once this is completed, it will take you to your respective project page.

  • View project & subscription info

    See the available solar projects located in your utility territory and the basic terms and conditions.

  • Provide additional information

    We will need information to run a quick credit check plus a primary and secondary form of payment.

  • Sign the contract

    The final step includes reviewing the contract terms and signing the agreement to receive clean, local, solar energy!

Still have some questions?

Schedule a chat with one of our Solar Champions at a time that’s convenient for you!  We’re here to help answer all your solar-related questions.

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