Join Neighborhood Sun in supporting
CCAN and the Polar Bear Plunge

Solar for the rest of us

Community solar is a way for renters, homeowners, and condo residents to get their electricity from solar energy without having to install any panels on their property. Takes just 15 minutes to subscribe now and get $50 donated to CCAN in your name! Learn more on how community solar works.

Support the plunge

We’re making the plunge an annual tradition (in our Onesies of course) here at Neighborhood Sun. We’re excited to support CCAN–one of our biggest fans & partners–again this year. Please join us in helping to raise funding for their extremely critical efforts in fighting climate change. 

You can get solar energy

We currently service the hundreds of thousands of Marylanders who receive their electric bills from one of the four main electric utilities: Pepco Maryland, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), Delmarva Power & Light, and Potomac Edison/First Energy. All it takes is 15 minutes to subscribe and you’ll get solar energy delivered to your home. No panels, wiring, or other components are installed on your property–and, community solar will save you money on your electricity bill! Ready to join?

  • We find a solar project in your community with the idea that it will produce local jobs, affordable power, and enhance the local environment.

  • You subscribe to a 'block' or 'share' of the community solar project that will cover a majority of the electricity you use each month. If you have a studio apartment, your block will naturally be smaller than your neighbor’s in her three-story house.

  • Power produced by the solar project flows directly into the electricity grid. We don’t install anything in your home. When the sun doesn’t shine, you’ll get the same power you always did because your utility will continue to serve as your electricity provider.

  • You’ll pay the solar project owner a fixed amount (for each kilowatt hour, or kWh) for the energy produced by your solar block. You’ll also gain the same amount of “solar credits” on your electricity bill. It's like virtually spinning your meter backwards.

  • Finally, by enrolling with us, you secure lower electricity rates and boost the economy in your community.

We love to plunge

We’re fundraising for one of our biggest partners and supporters this year, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network! They’re an incredible organization that hosts the annual Polar Bear Plunge and they need any help they can get to help stop harmful polluters and protect our environment.

The Polar Bear Plunge is CCAN’s largest fundraiser and their signature event, powering victories to move our region off of fossil fuels and on to clean energy. Each year, activists, friends and families show their commitment to fighting climate change by jumping in the icy Potomac River at National Harbor. We’re working to make the Plunge an annual tradition here at Neighborhood Sun. And of course, part of that tradition is plunging in our favorite arctic animal onesies. See some of our plunge videos below!

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