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Top 3 Reasons It’s Smart To Switch From Wind Power To Community Solar Now

Top 3 reasons it’s smart to switch from wind power to community solar now

Are you currently a green energy recipient through either Clean Choice or WGL?  Well, now that community solar is available in all major utility territories in Maryland, you have a new, better option to go green.

Here’s why:

  • Community solar is cheaper. It is 25-30% LESS than published clean energy rates!
  • Community solar is local. Our projects are located in various counties such as Baltimore, Prince George’s, Washington, Worcester, and Caroline county.
  • Community solar is new. Our projects won’t get built unless we fully subscribe it. That’s about as new as it gets! And makes your contribution that much more important to the community.

Ready to make the switch to local, clean energy? Click HERE to get started.

P.S. — We’re the only local community solar company in Maryland!

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