Our Manifesto

Business can be a force for good.

That’s why we are a B Corp, committed to serving not just our shareholders, but our stakeholders at large: our customers, employees, the communities served by our projects, and the planet.

We love our community.

Our goal is to serve you the best we can, by providing a way for you to organize and mobilize others around a community solar project. We want to hear from you, whether to praise us or correct us.


The answer isn’t more consumers, it’s more community.

We’ve had success in the green business world building a growing pipeline of community members who want to purchase environmentally friendly goods.


Clean energy is for everyone.

We all need to be part of the clean energy revolution sweeping the nation. Community solar finally makes clean energy available to anybody who pays their electric bill.


Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation.

We’re already seeing the impacts of a warming world, and unless we act decisively, scientists say it’s only going to get worse.


Through our projects, we call on everyone to be an active part of society.

About Us

The answer is more community – not more consumers.

Our Journey

Just over five years ago, Neighborhood Sun embarked on a journey to show the energy sector the amazing things that can happen when you foster a community that’s honest, local, and impact-driven. 

As a Certified B Corporation with the highest score in the industry, we’re using business as a force for good to empower people to fight climate change and build community through their energy, rather than shaming individuals for their carbon footprints. 

Through collective action with community solar, we can all benefit from clean energy, cost savings, and community support while protecting the people and planet we love.

Our Team

We are a small team with different backgrounds and experiences – but with one common goal: strengthening communities through local solar power.

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