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How Does Community Solar Work?

Community solar provides all the benefits of locally produced, affordable clean energy without any equipment to install or upfront fees. Anybody who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a solar project in their area, helping to build stronger communities and fight climate change.

Find a plan that works for you!

We have a variety of solar projects in the area. Each one can offer different options, such as the length of the contract, the energy price, the solar project location, and so on. The one rule with community solar is that you can only choose a solar project that is located within your utility territory. But, we can have multiple projects for you to choose from within one utility territory!

Not sure which solar plan to choose?
Give us a call at (240) 284-6245
We’ll help you find the best solar project to get you the most savings!

Claim your share through our online signup portal

Get your share of a local community solar project in minutes! Once you find the solar project and plan that fits your needs, you go to our signup portal and fill out the necessary information, such as utility account number, service address, and payment info. If you have any questions as you’re signing up, feel free to reach out to us at (240) 284-6245, or chat with one of us online using our LiveChat feature at the bottom right-hand corner of the Neighborhood Sun website.

Your utility company still delivers your electricity, but now it's clean energy!

Once you’ve completed the signup process, we handle the rest! We’ll use your utility account number to pull your average electricity usage and then assign you a share of the solar project that will provide you with most of your electricity. For example, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, your share of the solar project will be smaller than someone living in a 4-bedroom house. We then tell the utility company your share of the project, and then they put the amount of electricity coming from your community solar share on your electric bill in the form of “solar credits.”

Set back and let savings roll in!

Once you start seeing your community solar credits on your electric utility bill, you’ll start to see the savings roll in! The savings from using community solar is anywhere from 5-30% depending on your location and the projects available in your utility territory. It works a little like this: if your solar share produces 100kWh of electricity in one month, you’ll pay us for those 100kWhs, but at a rate lower than your utility’s standard offer rate. If we charge you 5% less than the utility rate, it would be like paying us $0.95 for $1.00 worth of electricity. You’ll see a full $1.00 worth of electricity on your utility bill, but only be paying $0.95 for it.

From there, we’ll monitor your account and make sure you’re getting the right amount of solar energy every month. If you don’t use them all in one month, they roll over, just like minutes on a cell phone plan!

Videos on How it Works

Check out these videos below to better understand things like signing up as well as how solar credits work with your utility bill.

Still have some Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more or watch some of our explanatory videos on YouTube

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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing our operations remotely.  We are still assisting customers and individuals interested in saving money on their electricity bill with shared solar energy.  If you have questions, please contact us at (240) 284-6245 or hello@neighborhoodsun.solar.

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