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What is Community Solar?

Community solar provides all the benefits of locally produced, affordable clean energy without any panels to install or upfront fees. Anybody who pays an electric bill can subscribe to a solar project in their area, helping to build stronger communities, fight climate change and save on their electricity bill.

No solar panels go on your roof or property.

Keep the same electric utility provider.

Guaranteed savings on your electricity bill every month.

Keep your wind or other green-energy contract/supplier.

Additional benefits for underserved communities.

No fees to participate!

Is Community Solar FOR ME?

Short answer: YES! Community solar is for everyone, regardless of whether your rent or own your home, apartment, or condo. If you pay an electric bill, you can benefit from community solar.

Save Money

Solar IS affordable! By building the solar farms in such a large scale, the rate for community solar energy is LESS than what the utility companies are charging for their default dirty energy. Community solar saves you money every month.

Keep Your Dollars Local

Rest easy knowing that your energy from community solar is generated right in your local utility territory. Community solar is directly benefiting YOU, not folks in other states. It also brings more green jobs to your community. It’s a win-win!

Fight Climate Change

By supporting local community solar, you’re ensuring that energy companies keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground. The average community solar customer prevents the equivalent of 10 hot air balloons filled with CO2 from entering our atmosphere!

It's Hassle-Free

This is NOT rooftop solar. We don’t put any panels on your property or make you switch utility providers. You simply signup online within minutes and you’ll be getting clean, local solar energy delivered to your home in no time. We’re here to help, so reach out if you have questions!

Through Shared Solar Energy

About Neighborhood Sun

We’re you’re local, friendly community solar company whose mission is to build stronger communities and empower Maryland neighborhoods to choose clean, renewable energy.


We love our community. As a Maryland-based, Maryland-focused company, our goal is to serve you and your neighborhood through community solar. We believe that a sustainable future can be created through community. We always want to hear from members of our solar community, whether it be a compliment or a correction!


We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy, not just the privileged few. With community solar, you don’t need to own a home to be a part of the clean energy revolution, just a monthly utility bill. At Neighborhood Sun, we work to make sure all Marylanders have equal levels of accessibility to clean, local and affordable solar energy.


Improving the local and global environment is a huge priority for us. Signing up for community solar through Neighborhood Sun means you’re not only getting renewable energy, but local energy. Buying local is a key element of sustainability, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a “brown” economy a thing of the past

Jump right to our FAQ page or schedule a quick chat with one of our excellent solar reps.

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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing our operations remotely.  We are still assisting customers and individuals interested in saving money on their electricity bill with shared solar energy.  If you have questions, please contact us at (240) 284-6245 or hello@neighborhoodsun.solar.

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