Our Manifesto

Business can be a force for good.

That’s why we are a B Corp, committed to serving not just our shareholders, but our stakeholders at large: our customers, employees, the communities served by our projects, and the planet.

The answer isn’t more consumers, it’s more community.

We’ve had success in the green business world building a growing pipeline of community members who want to purchase environmentally friendly goods. That’s a positive step forward, but it’s not the answer to a planet facing climate catastrophe, dwindling resources and increased polarization. We don’t necessarily need to buy more stuff.

We love our community.

You’re the leaders, the doers, the people who go out to a public meeting on a cold winter’s night. You shine the lantern on the path forward to a clean energy future. Our goal is to serve you the best we can, by providing a way for you to organize and mobilize others around a community solar project. We want to hear from you, whether to praise us or correct us.

Clean energy is for everyone.

Climate change impacts everyone, especially the most vulnerable, so everyone needs to be involved in the solution. We all need to be part of the clean energy revolution sweeping the nation. Clean energy shouldn’t just be for the select few. Community solar finally makes clean energy available to anybody who pays their electric bill. That’s the way it should be. It’s only fair.


We arrange our sock drawers.

It’s not just an excuse for why we can’t make your niece’s piano recital. Well, maybe it’s an excuse but it’s a good one. We may be off to something fun, or silly, or just plain goofing off. Yeah, we deal with serious and important issues but we’ve gotta laugh sometimes too. Now, how come I have 100 socks but only 20 matching pairs?


Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation.

C’mon, do we even need to say this anymore? Unfortunately, we do because there are still many who view catastrophic climate change as something that is up for debate, or may not happen for decades. We’re already seeing the impacts of a warming world, and unless we act decisively, scientists say it’s only going to get worse.

Buying local is vital.

If we are serious about sustainability, a clean environment and a healthy economy, we need to make buying local a top priority. When we buy local, we’re supporting our neighbors and other members of our community. Buying local helps the environment by reducing emissions and infrastructure needs (think of the organic apple flown in from New Zealand). Building an economy more resilient to future climate change also means we have to learn to produce and grow goods closer to home.


We aren’t afraid to fail forward.

We are a company that experiments, is willing to take risks and try new approaches without a stack full of market research telling us what to do. We’ll make mistakes and certainly are not perfect, but we’re always willing to learn and to listen to our community. We’re entrepreneurial and bold because we know that we’ve got a lot of work to do and time is running short.

Through our projects, we call on everyone to be an active part of society.

Our business model advances local solar energy by putting the power in the hands of those that use electricity. We’re disruptive of the old system where ratepayers can only be the recipients of decisions by others. With us, you and your neighbors are actively promoting positive development in your area. You are the generator and you are consciously choosing local clean energy over outdated forms of energy. We believe that grassroots and community organizing can take a big role in planning for a more sustainable and just future.

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