5 Disruptive New Clean Energy Technologies

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What are some of the new energy technologies that can disrupt the energy industry and help us make dramatic cuts to our greenhouse gas emissions? There are literally thousands of new technologies out there, but we will briefly look at just five. We are not endorsing any specific technology, nor are we suggesting that we don’t yet have the necessary technology to fight climate change. We believe people should take action now, whether that’s through energy efficiency, wind power, or community solar (and other solar models). 

So, without further ado, here are five clean energy technologies that could potentially disrupt the entire energy industry.

1. Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion is essentially what powers the sun. It is when two atoms join to create one larger and heavier atom. Nuclear fusion is really good because it can create huge amounts of energy without producing mass radioactive products. Currently, scientists are researching how to create nuclear fusion energy for long periods of time. Also there is a lot of pressure needed to fuse two atoms so scientists want to learn how to conduct the fusion with less pressure needed. Nuclear fusion is different than nuclear fission, the controversial and dangerous practice used to create energy in nuclear power plants now.

2. Algae energy

Algae is an aquatic organism that converts sunlight into energy and stores it as “oil,” this is known as algae energy. This form of energy is great because it comes right from our oceans, and is home grown! Scientists are now researching strains and specific types of algae that are best for energy conversion, and how they should extract the “oil” from the organism. 

3. Fuel cells

Fuel cells use chemical energy of fuels, like hydrogen for example, to produce electricity. Energy produced from fuel cells can power a large variety of things, from a small laptop to a complete utility power station. If using hydrogen in fuel cells, the only products would be electricity, water, and heat. These cells operate with very high efficiency and low emissions, so energy from fuel cells is very Earth friendly if the source of energy is clean.

4. Solar shingles 

Solar shingles are like roof shingles, but they get energy to power residential or commercial spaces. These shingles get their energy directly from sunlight and use it to power a variety of buildings. These are very similar to solar panels, but they are cheaper because they act as roof shingles as well as an energy source. Solar shingles are a great step to making an energy efficient home, though they are not yet widespread.

5. Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen uses renewable energy to power electrolysis of water. Green Hydrogen can power fuel cells and replace the mass amounts of industrial hydrogen that is used today. This type of hydrogen can significantly reduce and lower emissions, making it a very Earth friendly compound. 


So, there you have it. Five new technologies that can disrupt the energy industry. Interested in helping fight climate change right now? Check out community solar with Neighborhood Sun! It saves you money and directly helps fight climate change and local air pollution.

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