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What is Community Solar?

Partner and customer testimonials

  • “I think what is amazing to me is the scale of this project, and the idea of community solar being able to get all of us much more directly involved in accessing solar power.”

    Jonathan B. Silver Spring
  • “When people think of solar they think of, ‘I need to put solar panels on my house,’ but community solar reshapes that--solar that’s connected to grid affects everyone.”

    Naadiya Hutchinson Baltimore People's Climate Movement
  • "We were determined to use clean energy, so we signed up for wind, but those turbines were far away.  Now we have "seen the (sun)light" and are changing to solar, because our clean energy source is practically in our own backyard.  Thanks to Neighborhood Sun, the same sun that energizes our bodies, energizes our home, as well."

    Lore R. and Michael H. Greenbelt
  • "Community Solar is a great option for homeowners whose homes are not suitable for solar panels. It allows everyone to directly participate in efforts to transition to clean renewable energy and reduce harmful carbon emissions."

    Lisa Orr
    Lisa Orr Green Team Coordinator, Burkittsville
  • Community solar will be a game changer in Maryland, finally opening up access to local clean energy for a lot more people. I’m excited to see a local, homegrown company like Neighborhood Sun lead the charge.

    Mike Tidwell
    Mike Tidwell Takoma Park
  • “Well I think there are two reasons that community solar is important. First of all it’s going to help every single one of us, household by household, reduce our energy expenses and cut our household costs, and that really important and powerful. The second reason, it will help every one of us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help us prepare to adapt to climate change. I’m very proud to have voted to expand community solar and we’ll be doing more and more to make life better, and make our planet happier and healthier for everyone.”

    Robbyn Lewis House of Representatives Delegate
  • “It’s really great to have something like this, where if you’re reluctant to get involved with your own roof and still do the right thing."

    Ross C. Bethesda
  • Through its community solar subscription program, Neighborhood Sun helps Montgomery County electricity customers save money on their electric bills while reducing climate-damaging emissions of greenhouse gases. As a B corporation, Neighborhood Sun is committed to meeting high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency - another bonus for Montgomery County!

    Danielle Meitiv
    Danielle Meitiv Silver Spring
  • “I’m looking forward to having solar powering my home in historic Greenbelt, where I can’t put solar on my roof because I have wonderful oak trees instead.”

    Steve S. Greenbelt
  • “Community solar would mean, well for me, it’s a savings in my pocket. Being a single person and a single household, I mean, that’s money in my pocket! Because everything else is going up, when finally I’m getting something that’s coming down!”

    Beverly Law White Marsh
  • Thank you and thanks too for all the great work you do!  We are so excited to be part of Neighborhood Sun!
    Jeana F. Hyattsville
  • “You don’t have too many opportunities where you can both do good, and get a savings out of it.”

    Stu Simon
  • "Everyone can take positive action on climate change. Community solar is a great way to make a difference."

    Galen T.
    Galen T. Silver Spring
  • Community solar provides opportunities for us to build community while helping the needed transition to clean energy at [below] market-rate electricity prices.  People, planet, and prosperity. What more can you ask for?

    Sabrina Fu
    Sabrina Fu Ellicott City
  • "The West Laurel community has been partnering with Neighborhood Sun to bring renewable energy access to its citizens. At a recent neighborhood Town Hall, Gary Skulnik and the Neighborhood Sun team co-presented the case for community solar projects within our service territory. We received unanimous support to continuing pursuing a community solar project! The West Laurel community continues to be enthused, and inspired, by the Neighborhood Sun mission, and we look forward to being an integral partner moving forward."

    Dan Van der Have
    Dan Van der Have West Laurel

About Neighborhood Sun

We’re you’re local, friendly community solar company whose mission is to build stronger communities and empower neighborhoods to choose clean, renewable energy.


We love our community. As a Maryland-based, Maryland-focused company, our goal is to serve you and your neighborhood through community solar. We believe that a sustainable future can be created through community. We always want to hear from members of our solar community, whether it be a compliment or a correction!


We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy, not just the privileged few. With community solar, you don’t need to own a home to be a part of the clean energy revolution, just a monthly utility bill. At Neighborhood Sun, we work to make sure all Marylanders have equal levels of accessibility to clean, local and affordable solar energy.


Improving the local and global environment is a huge priority for us. Signing up for community solar through Neighborhood Sun means you’re not only getting renewable energy, but local energy. Buying local is a key element of sustainability, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a “brown” economy a thing of the past

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