Bank Account Deposits for ACH Verification

THANK YOU for choosing to be a community solar subscriber with us! You and your solar share are making a HUGE positive impact on our environment and overall community.

Because you chose to use automatic debiting from your bank account, it is required that we verify your account through Stripe, our payment processing software. Within 1-3 business days of signing up for community solar, you should have received two (2) micro-deposited amounts in your bank account. Please enter those two amounts in the form below (the order they were deposited does not matter). Once they are uploaded, we will verify your bank account and you will be all set! This is the most secure form of payment processing and will ensure your money is safely transferred.

Please enter the two (2) micro-deposited amounts. See samples below:

Examples of Deposit Amounts:

Your micro-deposited amounts will look similar to the two images below.  Please enter the two micro-deposited amounts that appear in your bank account.  The numbers in the samples will not verify your account.

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