Before the Plunge 2018

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Nervous, excited, energized, empowered, happy—that’s about how I feel when I think about plunging into the freezing waters of the Potomac this Saturday.  The good news is that they’re almost all positive feelings.  I mean, it is empowering and energizing and exciting to think that I’m joining nearly 200 other people from around the DMV area who want to take REAL action to help our planet and #keepwintercold.  The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is hosting this event and fundraiser to help support the fight for clean energy in our region.  And of course, the best way to get a bunch of people to dive into chilling waters in January is to make it fun!  That’s why we’ve been running around Silver Spring in our arctic animal onesies to help raise awareness for this event.  So lookout for this polar bear (me!), narwhal, and seal this Saturday at the National Harbor!

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