From The Team: What It Means To Be Rated “Best In The World For The Environment”

On Wednesday, July 14th B Lab announced that Neighborhood Sun made the exclusive “Best in the World – Environment” list for 2021. That means that the community solar company scored in the top 5% worldwide for environmental impact compared to all B corporations of a similar size.

Being a B Corporation is something that brings the Neighborhood Sun team together, and for some, what brought them here in the first place. 

Matty Guerin, Neighborhood Sun’s Marketing Executive, states “I have dedicated the better part of 25 yearsthe entirety of my full-time working lifeto environmental and progressive causes.  Neighborhood Sun being recognized as Best in the World for the Environment is a validation of something that I think everyone in the company already knew, but it’s fantastic that the rest of the world will now know too.”

Similarly, Sales Support Representative Natalia Franco says “To me it means the world to work for a company that is so committed to the environment. I’ve always been looking for a meaningful job at a company that was aligned with my values and at Neighborhood Sun I feel I’m in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing. We’re fighting climate change together and helping thousands to do their part as well by getting community solar.” 

Every year that passes reminds us that sustainability is vital in preserving our futures. As of 2019 renewable energy made up only 11% of Maryland’s energy use. Solar energy accounted for approximately one-third of renewable energy in 2019 and is increasing rapidly in recent years. Solar farms are growing quickly, making community solar an increasingly valuable option for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint when unable to utilize rooftop solar. 

For Zach Perkins, Neighborhood Sun’s Engagement and Operations Analyst, working at a B Corporation has made all the difference. He states “I have spent years working in soul-crushing jobs and just trying to get by. Working for a B Corp means I know that what I do sincerely helps people and it makes my efforts feel meaningful.” 

Founder and CEO Gary Skulnik notes that “Being a B Corporation is great, but it’s never been an end goal for me, rather just a beginning. That’s why it means so much to earn a “Best for the World” honor for Neighborhood Sun. We constantly are thinking about how we can improve our impact as a company and will continue to do so in the future. I truly believe business can be a force for good, and I’m doing everything in my power to have Neighborhood Sun be the best force for good it can be.” 

Not only is sustainability important when it comes to our energy, but also when it comes to the companies producing and distributing it. Being a B Corporation at Neighborhood Sun is what community solar is all about—bringing everyone together to help better the environment and the community. The health of the planet is a direct influencer of the health of our people and communities. Clean energy through community solar is not only a commitment to a healthier planet, but a commitment to a safer future using sustainable technology for generations to come. 

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