Howard EcoWorks and Neighborhood Sun Increase Access to Community Solar Through Partnership

Neighborhood Sun Partners With Howard EcoWorks

Climate change is rapidly changing the way we live, by affecting ecosystems and communities all over the world. Restoration and adaptation are necessary, but we also need to take action to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases before we reach a tipping point that we can no longer come back from. A major first step to doing that is decarbonizing the grid by swapping fossil fuels for renewable energy.

Howard EcoWorks and Neighborhood Sun are joining forces to help communities access clean, affordable energy, and C.E.O, of Howard EcoWorks Lori Lilly could not contain her excitement about the partnership.

“Howard EcoWorks is really excited about this partnership opportunity with Neighborhood Sun.  Community solar is not a well-known option in our region and yet it makes so much sense, especially for those that do not have the space or financial resources to implement solar projects of their own! Community solar is a wonderful complement to the work that we do at EcoWorks with land and water management that allows more people to participate in actions that support environmental sustainability. With a reduced electric bill at the end of the day, why not invest in community solar and in our collective future? :),” said Lilly.

We couldn’t agree more, and neither can Neighborhood Sun’s C.E.O. and founder, Gary Skulnik.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Howard EcoWorks. When we collaborate we become stronger, we empower our communities, democratize energy by facilitating the access to renewable energy and help restore natural systems that are being highly affected by climate change,” agreed Skulnik.

There are many ways to reduce our carbon emissions, but switching to clean energy is an important primary step. Globally, over 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are due to the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation, so we can drastically reduce emissions to tackle the climate crisis by choosing a local, renewable source of energy for the grid.

Carbon emissions from fossil fuels continued increasing in 2022, reaching a record high.

The concept of voting with your wallet can be very empowering, and community solar allows you to do the same with your electricity bill. We know our reliance on fossil fuels is hurting both our society and our planet, but it has always felt like there wasn’t much choice regarding where your energy is coming from. Thanks to community solar, now there’s something you can do about it! It’s time to take action where we can as individuals to be a part of a larger movement.

Rooftop solar isn’t an option for 80% of Americans, but community solar changes that by eliminating all the traditional barriers to solar adoption, such as upfront costs and housing requirements. 

Community Solar is key to making the clean energy transition that we need. It ensures that no one gets left behind in this energy transition because it’s local, clean, affordable and equitable.

The Community Solar state-regulated program empowers community members to lower their carbon emissions while also lowering the cost of their electricity bill through clean energy credits. By eliminating the need for installation and maintenance costs through a community approach, clean energy can be available to everyone, especially underserved communities who are the most affected by climate change. The state’s Community Solar program is funded by tax money from local residents, so why shouldn’t they benefit from it too?

If you pay a BGE electric bill, you could be getting a 10-25% discount on your electricity costs every month for subscribing to community solar. Switching to renewables will save you thousands of dollars in the coming years while reducing tons of carbon emissions that pollute your community’s air and exacerbate climate extremes across the globe, such as heat waves, heavy precipitation, droughts and tropical cyclones.

Rally with us in the fight against climate change because your choice makes a difference. Join our Zoom Meeting on January 19th at 7pm to learn more about Community Solar by registering for free here.

If you are already familiar with the program and ready to make the switch to community solar for free, please use this link so Howard EcoWorks gets a $100 donation from Neighborhood Sun to support its mission. Make sure you use promo code howardeco when signing up.

Anyone who enrolls in the Rivers Solar Farm (BGE customers) before Jan 31st will get a $50 gift card. * gift cards will be sent 2-3 months after completing your enrollment.*

If you want to talk to someone at Neighborhood Sun, just click here to schedule a call with Natalia.

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