It’s Our One Year B-Corp Anniversary!

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For us, running a business is all about leading by example to show that for-profit companies can (and should) be a force for good. That’s why we became a certified B Corp. The certification means that our commitment to being a better kind of business is real. Earlier this month, we proudly celebrated our one-year anniversary as a B Corporation. As part of our certification, we publish our social and environmental performance on a yearly basis to let the world know what exactly is going on within our company, which you can see here.

Speaking of environmental, B Corporations also must practice an environmentally friendly business, which is something that Neighborhood Sun has been especially good at. On the daily, we have environmentally friendly practices in our office like providing a public transportation stipend and equipping our office with only reusable and compostable cutlery and dishes. We also participate in environmental projects outside the office when time allows. In fact, we encourage our employees to do up to fifty hours of volunteer work each year. One recent, notable example of this was two of our employee’s participation in the Annapolis Cleanup, in which they cleaned up trash all over the city for a day as part of our recent membership into the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s program called Businesses for the Bay.

Another thing that sets our company apart is that we are a diverse and inclusive team; for example, we also recently hired four new women to work in our sales department. Most importantly, however, is educating the greater community about community solar so that more people will make the environmentally-friendly energy choice. We’ll also donate some of our revenue to helping less-fortunate residents to afford community solar energy through our Solar Neighbor Benefit Fund. As our business grows, we’ll help make solar energy available to as many people as possible.

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