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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                         April 22, 2020

Local Small Business Neighborhood Sun Launches Neighbor Benefit FundTM to Help Residents Pay Electric Bills During COVID-19

New Fund Will Contribute One Percent of Profits Each Month, with Plans for Expansion


Silver Spring, MD (April 22, 2020)—For several years, Neighborhood Sun has been on the forefront of bringing clean, affordable energy to thousands of households all over Maryland. Today, it has taken the next step in helping to build stronger communities by establishing the Neighbor Benefit FundTM – a resource to assist residents who need help paying their electric bills during times of financial uncertainty.

“From the start, the goal of Neighborhood Sun has been to build a stronger community. We do this by using community solar as a vehicle to bring change to communities overlooked or exploited by the clean energy industry, and to redress and repair the toxic legacy left by decades of environmental racism.” said Founder and CEO Gary Skulnik.

“We’re excited about the Neighbor Benefit FundTM because it helps make clean solar more accessible to everyone, not just a select few. The Fund will be a critical factor in bringing energy equity to families across Maryland so they can save valuable resources or spend them elsewhere in our community. It is neighbors helping neighbors.”

Starting immediately, Neighborhood Sun will contribute 1% of its gross revenue to the Neighbor Benefit Fund ™ on a quarterly basis. Individuals can apply for assistance with their utility bill on the Neighborhood Sun website. There are plans to expand the Fund and build it into a 501(C)(3) charity so other funders and individuals may also contribute a tax-deductible donation. The hope is that this will become a model for other companies across the country.

“There are no restrictions on applying for assistance as a current customer. There are numerous challenges everyone faces in life and we want to support our neighbors when they are facing them.” Said Emily Tokarowski, the Director of Marketing and Operations.

Neighborhood Sun is a Certified B Corp whose mission is to build stronger communities and empower neighborhoods to choose clean, renewable energy that costs less than their current, dirty electricity. They provide shared solar to residents who can’t have or afford solar panels on their homes. This service is available to anyone who pays their own electric bill in Maryland.


Gary Skulnik (Founder & CEO, Neighborhood Sun); [email protected]

Emily Tokarowski (Director of Marketing and Operations) [email protected]

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