Neighborhood Sun CEO Gary Skulnik Lauds WeSolar at Launch of Community Solar Company

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For Immediate Release
June 19, 2020
Contact: Gary Skulnik, 202-413-8534 [email protected]


Neighborhood Sun CEO Gary Skulnik Lauds WeSolar at Launch of Community Solar Company

(Baltimore, MD) – Neighborhood Sun’s CEO Gary Skulnik today offered full support for the launch of WeSolar, the nation’s first Black woman-owned and led community solar company. WeSolar’s founder and CEO, Kristal Hansley, worked for Neighborhood Sun for more than two years, building the company’s presence in Baltimore and leading its efforts in bringing solar to underserved communities. The following is a statement from Gary Skulnik:

I’m proud to stand with Kristal Hansley today as she announces the launch of WeSolar, the first Black woman-owned community solar company in the nation. From day one, our mission at Neighborhood Sun has been to bring the promise of solar to everyone, not just the select few. Ms. Hansley has been there from the early days and her impact on the Baltimore community and beyond cannot be overstated. She built a network of local leaders, partnerships, and citizens who have begun transforming the solar scene in the city. Now, with WeSolar, I expect even greater things from her. She is going to change the entire solar industry and bring a much-needed new perspective to an industry that is far too homogenous. We can’t keep looking to the same people time and time again to run and own companies. The most disruptive thing we in the business community can do to tear down the structure of White supremacy is to support the growth of new businesses by people of color. I look forward to working with Ms. Hansley as she grows her business right here in Maryland and in new markets.

About Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a Certified B Corp whose mission is to build stronger communities and empower neighborhoods to choose clean, renewable energy that costs less than their current, dirty electricity. They provide shared solar to residents who can’t have or don’t want solar panels on their homes. Apartment residents, condo-dwellers, small businesses, and homeowners alike can all get a share of the electricity that is generated from panels that are installed off-site. The company is active in Maryland and New Jersey, with more than 3,000 customers for several community solar projects. For more information, go to NeighborhoodSun.Solar.