Neighborhood Sun Dramatically Increases B Corp Impact Score!

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Neighborhood Sun Dramatically Increases B Corp Impact Score

Community Solar Company is a National Leader Now in Assessment that Grades Environmental Impact, Governance, Transparency, and Community Support

(Silver Spring, MD) After completing its B Corp recertification, Neighborhood Sun announced that its score was 130.5, a 30% increase over last time and better than any other company in the community solar space. The new score puts Neighborhood Sun at the forefront of societal change and a leader in ethical business conduct.

“We’ve worked hard to improve as a business because our mission is so critical during these times, bringing the promise of solar to everyone, not just the select few,” said Gary Skulnik, founder and CEO. “This high score reflects the commitment of everyone involved in Neighborhood Sun to create a for-profit company that improves our community, fights climate change, and sets the highest standards for how businesses should be run.”

Every year since its founding Neighborhood Sun has been certified as a B Corp – a company that meets rigorous standards of integrity, trust, transparency, governance, and most importantly – a mission that benefits the greater community that they serve – in this case, the planet.

This year’s high B Corp score reflects significant improvements in the company’s environmental impact thanks to the many community solar projects it has brought to market and its community impact, thanks to its deep involvement and financial support for NGO’s.

“The more community solar we bring to underserved communities and others, the cleaner our air, the fewer greenhouse gases, and the less energy iniquity in society,” noted Skulnik.

Neighborhood Sun has saved Maryland households more than $100,000 in energy bills in 2019 and is now expanding its influence into New Jersey and in Western Maryland, more than doubling its environmental and community impact for 2020.

About Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a Certified B Corp whose mission is to build stronger communities and empower neighborhoods to choose clean, renewable energy that costs less than their current, dirty electricity. They provide shared solar to residents who can’t have or don’t want solar panels on their homes. Apartment residents, condo-dwellers, small businesses, and homeowners alike can all get a share of the electricity that is generated from panels that are installed off-site. The company is active in Maryland and New Jersey, with more than 3,000 customers for several community solar projects. For more information, go to NeighborhoodSun.Solar.

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