Neighborhood Sun Invites Customers to Commit to Community Solar

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(Silver Spring, Md) – Neighborhood Sun took a big step forward in its community solar outreach to the public today. The centerpiece of the effort is a Community Solar Commitment Campaign. By filling out a commitment form, residents pledge to sign up for a community solar project as soon as one becomes available in their area. It’s a simple yet powerful way to do something to fight climate change – something that doesn’t rely on federal policies or international agreements. Community solar has been a hot topic in the Maryland and DC solar markets for a couple of years, and now projects are finally going to start come online in the very near future.

It’s time to stand up for community solar

“We’re asking our supporters to stand up for community solar so that when projects are ready, we can show solar developers a groundswell of demand,” said Gary Skulnik, Neighborhood Sun’s CEO and founder. “This campaign fits with our emphasis on community and will enable us to create a membership base that ensures each member’s interest is a top priority.”


Supporters are being asked to sign a commitment form, which spells out the basic parameters of a likely community solar subscription. In exchange, the company is offering them the first spots in line for new projects and free membership for life.  The exact dimensions of the membership model are still being developed, though the parameters are clear.

The benefits of the membership model

“We want a membership model that provides direct benefits, and gives consumers the power of numbers of being part of a larger group, “noted Skulnik. “This unique approach provides consumers with added layers of protection that they won’t find by signing up with your average solar company.”


Community solar is a way for people who can’t or don’t want solar on their roofs to still participate in the solar market. Consumers subscribe to blocks of solar power produced by a large-scale project in their utility area and receive net metering credits directly on their utility bills.


Neighborhood Sun has been active in Maryland and DC for more than a year, but the state’s community solar market is just opening up now. It expects to begin offering subscriptions in Q1 of 2018. Though Neighborhood Sun is a new company, Skulnik has been active in promoting clean energy solutions to climate change in the area for two decades.

About Neighborhood Sun

We’re your friendly clean energy social enterprise with a mission to empower neighborhoods to choose community solar. Community, or shared solar, allows electricity consumers to purchase solar from a local project, with no need to install any equipment. We are founded by the former leader of Clean Currents, the area’s first exclusively green energy company, which brought together thousands of people, businesses, and organizations to switch to wind and solar power. Neighborhood Sun is the only community solar company that puts its members first above all other partners. By standing up for our members, we aim to be the most trusted, transparent solar brand in the market. For us, solar is about creating strong communities.

For more information: Gary Skulnik, CEO, [email protected], 202-413-8434, @neighborhoodsun,

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