Neighborhood Sun Launches First Community Solar Project in Maryland

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Project with Community Energy Solar is Available for Residents in Potomac Edison/First Energy Utility Territory.

It’s been a long wait, but we’ve taken the first massive step to bring solar to everyone with the launch of Maryland’s first ever community solar project available to the public. In partnership with Community Energy Solar, we’re offering subscriptions to the Rockdale Solar project in Williamsport, just outside of Hagerstown. Marylanders can subscribe today and help get the project built. There are a limited number of spots and it’s first come first served.

The subscription brings the benefits of solar to people without having to install any equipment on your roof. Among the many benefits are:

• A rate that is 10% below the current utility rate, which means about $125 in savings for the average Maryland home in the first year.
• A 20 year lock-in, so you don’t have to worry about energy price hikes.
• Local power – you are buying from a project that is near where you live.
• Clean energy – you are supporting 100% clean, renewable energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

We at Neighborhood Sun are proud to set ourselves apart as a member-driven, local, sustainable organization.

We’re based in Maryland, and we focused exclusively on Maryland community solar projects. Neighborhood Sun is a startup social enterprise, and I’ve been active in the Maryland clean energy space for decades. I co-authored the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and co-founded Clean Currents, the first green energy company in Maryland, which helped thousands switch to clean energy.


You can learn more by booking a quick call with one of our Solar Champions or give us a call at (240) 284-6245. You can also find more answers by visiting our FAQ page at

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