Neighborhood Sun Plants 100 Trees for Each Wefunder Investment Above $500

Investing in Neighborhood Sun Means 100 Trees Planted

Investing in Neighborhood Sun, just like investing in the planting of trees, is an investment that works on your behalf to fight climate change, simultaneously benefitting you, your environment, and your community.

We are grateful to report that Neighborhood Sun’s community investment round on the Wefunder platform has been a beautiful success, empowering stakeholders like customers, employees, and community members of all kinds to invest in the equitable clean energy future Neighborhood Sun is building.

Investors have been profiting off fossil fuel pollution at the expense of everyday people for decades, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now is your chance to vote with your wallet and support an energy source that benefits our communities instead of hurting them. 

To celebrate your participation in the clean energy transition in these final days of our campaign, Neighborhood Sun is planting 100 trees through our community partner, ForestPlanet, for each investor who invests at least $500 in our community round before it closes on September 16, 2022. 

Planting a tree is always a good thing, but there are additional factors worth considering to make sure the tree’s value and positive impact can be maximized. By centering the needs of communities at the heart of the tree-planting process, new trees can provide so much more than just the oxygen we need to live (as if that wasn’t enough!). When strategically planted, trees can also provide a source of food and/or income, replenish soil health, help the ground store water, filter pollution, and sustain other wildlife– to name just a few.

By planting trees, we’re investing in a system that will work to help not only us, but also generations to come, and without much maintenance at all. The same is true with the development of clean energy infrastructure. Rather than tackling individual problems related to pollution from fossil fuels, changing the fuel source itself to be safe, renewable, and low-carbon tackles the source of fossil fuel pollution at the “root” of the issue (tree pun very much intended). 

Learn more about how you can invest in the future of solar through our Wefunder Campaign. 

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