No Regrets

No Regrets

The more you know, the more urgent climate change looms over our lives. For John All, research professor of environmental science, it’s a matter important enough to risk his life – literally.

With adventure writer and co-author John Balzar, a Maryland member of Neighborhood Sun, he tells of seeking out “the wild edges” of the planet to understand the effects of human endeavors on climate, and what we can do about it. The book “Icefall” takes us where few scientists dare tread – including John All’s horrifying plunge into a Himalayan glacial crevasse that came within a whisker of killing him.

His story makes a convincing case for alternative energy. He writes, “The first, and easiest, steps in building the ‘foundations’ for surviving climate change rest on the perfectly sensible, indeed unassailable, idea of ‘no-regrets policies’ – actions that reduce greenhouse gases while also generating other important benefits.” https://www.amazon.com/Icefall-Adventures-Dangerous-Changing-Planet/dp/1610396936/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Icefall&qid=1557420945&s=books&sr=1-3

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