Our Community Solar Family is Growing

Fortunately for both us and the planet, our growth as a company directly leads to more individuals having access to affordable clean energy, resulting in less carbon emissions from fossil-fuel-derived energy. 

After acquiring Astral Power in December, Neighborhood Sun’s team nearly doubled to 22 employees. As we turn a corner with the new year, that growth isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. We hit the ground running in 2022 by adding 10 more team members to a variety of departments, including finance, operations, technology, human resources, marketing, corporate sustainability, and customer care.

David Augenblick recently joined Neighborhood Sun as our Head of Human Resources, bringing with him 15+ years of experience in attracting, developing, and retaining exceptional talent. David has spent the last four years working specifically in the solar sector, combining his passion for renewable energy solutions with his dedication to supporting the development of team members.

Jorge Gonzales is helping us to increase access to clean, affordable energy by working in account operations and contributing his youthful and global perspective. He won 1st place in financial analysis concept competitions at both state and national levels before earning his B.S. in business administration through the University of Florida. Throughout his studies, he helped to educate others about the importance of earth literacy and global sustainability.  

Kim Kolt is the Founder and President of Good Ventures, an investment company backing disruptive, exceptional technologies intended to benefit humanity and our environment.  Before starting her own company, Kim worked for Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. She also resides on the board of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance and advises numerous impact-focused funds, companies, and nonprofits. We are fortunate to have such an active member of the impact-focused investment community join our ranks.

Sean Donoahue is an IT generalist from Toronto, Canada. He has worked in a variety of technology positions to round out his expertise, including Systems Administrator, Security Analyst, and Software Support/Integration Specialist. At Neighborhood Sun, Sean is helping to steer us towards IT tools and systems that allow for our team to work efficiently and securely.


We like to say that in the fight against climate change, the more the merrier.

That’s also how we view our solar family, so we are incredibly grateful to have such a talented, passionate, and diverse medley of new team members joining us in 2022.


Together, we can power forward!


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