Panorama Landfill Solar Project

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The unique feature of this project, located in Fort Washington, is that it will be built on a once-used landfill. As such, this land cannot be converted into property used for other services such as recreation or housing development. By building a solar project on this landfill, we’re giving new life to this old and forgotten land.

The location of this site is also placed at the crossroads of Palmer Road and Tucker Road. Just a few hundred meters down from the site is Tucker Road Community Center, a popular facility for local residents young and old alike. It is part of the Prince George’s County Parks & Recreation department and boasts numerous programs and summer camps, sporting equipment and fields, outdoor recreational sites, community meeting venues, and much more. Nearby Fort Washington inherited its name after the fort constructed in 1809. It was the only defensive fort that protected against enemy advancements along the Potomac River. Today, the remains are protected as part of the Fort Washington National Park, which provides community members with scenic hikes, picnicking, and other outdoor recreation.

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