Reader Q&A: Go Off-the-Grid with Solar in Baltimore?

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A Baltimore Fishbowl reader commented after reading Md. Climate Scientist: Baltimore Summers will Be Long and Intolerable.

Sarah wrote: “I would love to have practical and realistic info on how to be more energy efficient while living in a 100-year-old brick house in the Baltimore City heat island. Some of the solar panel leasing companies won’t put panels on a flat roof; and it’s unclear how much structural change would be required to install solar panels on the roof-tops here. I will be ready to act when I am confident that we can power our home independent of “the grid” and have reliable service for our installation of choice. Given the current political climate, our choices are currently iffy, costly, and insecure.”

Sarah- I have good news: It’s a sunny time to go climate-friendly. Your suggested to-do list, and what you need to know is below…[READ MORE]

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