Community solar is now in New Jersey!

Any New Jersey resident who pays an electric bill can take advantage of a local community solar project and save money every month. You benefit by reducing utility costs while New Jersey benefits from a greener grid. 

Special Offer for Founding Members!

If you are one of the first 100 subscribers to the Tri-County Solar Farm you will receive a $50 Target GiftCard from Neighborhood Sun! Once fully subscribed, the gift card will be delivered via email within 2-3 weeks. Your support as a Tri-County Solar Farm Founder helps speed up the construction progress–the quicker the solar farm is filled, the sooner it gets built and powering homes with clean energy.

Joining a local community solar farm is easy.

You get a share of the output from a community solar farm in your area while earning a credit on your bill, lowering your electricity costs. 

Sign Up Online

When the community solar farm is ready for subscribing, follow the simple online-signup process that takes less than 10 minutes. There is no cost to join and you can cancel for free at any time.

We Deliver Solar to the Grid

Your share of our community solar project provides clean electricity to the local grid. You continue to receive power from your utility.

Receive Solar Credits

You will receive billing credits each month on your existing electricity bill. Your solar cost is less, enabling at least 10% guaranteed savings.

Tri-County Solar Farm


The Tri-County Solar Farm is a 3.1MW DC project that is located on a closed landfill in Delanco, NJ. It is one of the inaugural community solar projects in New Jersey, as part of Year 1 of the Community Solar Energy Pilot Program.  This project is able to provide roughly 800 households in Camden County, Burlington County, and Mercer County with clean, renewable solar power, at guaranteed savings compared to the standard utility rate. 

The majority of the electricity from this project is committed to serving low-and moderate-income (LMI) residents, and the project has letters of support from a local nonprofit community organization based in Beverly, NJ, called Ladies in Transit Holistic Community Development Corporation, as well as an affordable housing provider.

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