The FIRST Community Solar Project in MD to Benefit Low and Moderate Income Households

For Immediate Release June 13, 2019

Project Fulfills Company’s Mission to Help All
Marylanders get Solar, not Just the Select Few

(Silver Spring, MD) Neighborhood Sun, a Maryland B Corporation, announced its partnership with Suntrail Energy of Linthicum to bring a 550 kilowatt clean, community solar power project to the Pepco service area. The rooftop solar project is fully constructed and is the first of its kind in the region. Once it is fully subscribed the project will provide power to approximately 100 households at rates that are lower than Pepco’s default service.

Another major first for this project is that up to one-third of the subscriptions for service are earmarked for households that are categorized as low or moderate income (LMI). Standard service from the project will come at a rate that is 10% below Pepco’s rates, and for LMI households that savings jumps to 20%.


“From day one, this is what Neighborhood Sun has envisioned – clean affordable electricity that is available to everyone, not just the affluent” said Gary Skulnik, CEO and founder of Neighborhood Sun. “This clean power is available to those people who want clean energy but can’t afford, or don’t want solar panels on their roof.”

The contract terms are also very appealing with no credit check required, no cancellation fees and no long term commitment, so it is favorable for residents who may not own their homes but are renting.

“Others may talk about helping low and moderate income communities, but because it’s part of our corporate DNA, we are actually doing it,” notes Skulnik.

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About Neighborhood Sun

Neighborhood Sun is a Maryland B Corporation headquartered in Silver Spring with offices in Baltimore. Founded in 2016, the company’s mission is to bring solar to everyone, not just the select few. It is the leading community solar company in Maryland, having subscribed more than 1,500 households already to local projects in Pepco and BGE.

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