What’s Next for Community Solar and Neighborhood Sun?

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Before we get into a community solar update, we’ll start with a thank you. Thank you for your commitment! We were encouraged to see so many of you sign our community solar commitment campaign – and show that you’re willing to do something to fight climate change. Together, we’ll build a solar community.

Now, for the 411 on our community solar projects. We’re continuing to work closely with solar developers to prepare projects for sign up. We appreciate you bearing with us as we move through what we hope will be the final round of agreements. We had a lot of contractual details to work through that required time and back and forth communication. We’re taking this part seriously because we want to be sure we can offer you, our members, the best terms possible. Rest assured, we’re getting there! While we can’t yet get into project specifics, we expect to offer projects in Pepco, BGE and Delmarva service territories. If you signed our commitment campaign, you’ll be the first to know when projects open up. Didn’t sign yet but still interested? It’s not too late.

New Happenings for Neighborhood Sun

At a company level, we’re busy gearing up for our community solar sales launch. We’re planning to hire several new employees, and we recently moved to a new office in Silver Spring to accommodate our expanding company. Check out our jobs page, and consider applying or forwarding to a friend. We’re a fun bunch committed to building community and fighting climate change through solar. It’s an exciting time to be in the community solar business!

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