Community solar is available in Maryland!

Any Potomac Edison customer in Maryland can take advantage of a local community solar project. You benefit by reducing utility costs while Maryland benefits from a greener grid.

Joining a local solar farm is easy.

You get a share of the output from a solar farm in your area while earning a credit on your bill, lowering your electricity costs. 

Join Even If You Rent

It doesn’t matter if you rent, lease, or own your home. Anyone with an electricity bill from a major utility can take advantage of Maryland’s community solar program.

Reduce Your Electricity Costs

Maryland electricity customers are guaranteed to save at least 5% and many can save even more. Get started to see how much you can save each month.

Keep Your Existing Provider

Your existing utility service remains unchanged. You can even keep your retail electricity contract if you have one.

Maryland S.H.A.R.E.™

Solar Helps Advance Resident Equality™

Finally, the power of the sun belongs to everyone, not just a privileged few. Thanks to the Maryland Public Service Commission, those who historically have the smallest carbon footprints can now save hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bills, and it does NOT require a roof or any installation, no additional costs or fees, and no headaches!

Here at Neighborhood Sun, we work to ensure all Marylanders have an equal opportunity to clean energy. Plus, we recognize that those that pollute or harm the environment the least should be rewarded! We currently have projects available that provide additional benefits and savings for those who qualify for our SHARE Program.

How it works from sign up to savings.

Sign Up Online

When the solar farm is ready for subscribing, follow the simple online-signup process that takes less than 10 minutes. There is no cost to join and you can cancel for free at any time.

We Deliver Solar to the Grid

Your share of our community solar project provides clean electricity to the local grid. You continue to receive power from your utility.

Receive Solar Credits

You will receive billing credits each month on your existing electricity bill. Your solar cost is less, enabling at least 10% guaranteed savings.

Choose your community solar farm.


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