How Billing Works

During your application, you authorize us to review your historical electrical use. We use the past 12-24 months of your electric history to calculate the average amount of kWh you will need each month. Payments are based on the amount of electricity generated by your portion of the solar farm, not your actual kWh use.

You will be automatically billed each month for the electricity your share of the solar project generates. You may choose automatic debit from a checking account or a credit card. Unfortunately, we do not offer paper billing or non-automated payments. (Hey, it’s better for the planet!)

We’ll email you at the start of each month to remind you of your auto-billing. Note that your invoice amount may fluctuate from month-to-month. This is because your share of the solar farm may produce more electricity in say June (sunny days!) than in January (typically less sun).

The sum of both bills will be less than your old utility bill. Since we charge less for community solar than what your utility charges for default energy (generated by fossil fuels), you’ll see a monthly savings.

If you use more energy than your average, you pay the excess use to your utility at their rate. If you use less energy than your average, your solar credits will roll forward to the next month. Any rollover credits remaining at the end of your contract will be “bought out” by your utility at that time.

Watch our video here on receiving community solar with Neighborhood Sun.

Watch our video here on your utility bill and Neighborhood Sun solar credits.

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