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Solar Helps Advance Resident Equality TM

Finally, the power of the sun belongs to everyone, not just a privileged few. Thanks to the Maryland Public Service Commission, those who historically have the smallest carbon footprints can now save hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bills, and it does NOT require a roof or any installation, no additional costs or fees, and no headaches!

Here at Neighborhood Sun, we work to ensure all Marylanders have an equal opportunity to clean energy. Plus, we recognize that those that pollute or harm the environment the least should be rewarded! We currently have projects available that provide additional benefits and savings for those who qualify for our SHARE Program.

SHARE Program Qualifications:

Below are the federal max income guidelines for Moderate-Income SHARE residents.

Moderate income chart_6.25.20 large

Below are the federal max income guidelines for Low-Income SHARE residents.

Low income chart_6.25.20 large


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“I’m grateful to be a driving force in this movement that gives underrepresented communities an option for clean energy. This is why I’m here at Neighborhood Sun.”

Meet Kristal Hansley, our SHARE Program and community affairs specialist. Kristal is a seasoned Neighborhood Sun employee and works tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Maryland has an equal opportunity to clean energy. Her current focus is forming partnerships with a number of local non-profits and organizations that can help us spread the word about the great benefits of the solar projects that serve low-polluting residents. Kristal is ready and eager to help you make the switch to solar. It’s clean energy that will help save you money every month and help keep our Maryland air free from harmful pollutants.

Contact Info:
Email: kristal@neighborhoodsun.solar
Phone: Schedule a quick call at your convenience

Learn more about shared solar and how it impacts the community

Community Partners Supporting SHARE

Healthy People Juice
Providing access to nutritional food and educating the community.
Baltimore Free Farm
Egalitarian collective of gardeners & activists who aim to provide access to healthy food for all.
Project Plase Logo
Project PLASE
Providing emergency housing, permanent housing & supportive services to homeless adults.
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We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing our operations remotely.  We are still assisting customers and individuals interested in saving money on their electricity bill with shared solar energy.  If you have questions, please contact us at (240) 284-6245 or hello@neighborhoodsun.solar.